Plies got up close and personal with his fans at DAR on Sunday night.

But instead of pouting through his 50-minute set, he performed as if it were a house party for his closest friends. Respect. Here are some highlights:

1. During his 2007 hit, “Shawty,” fans grabbed Plies’s outstretched hand and yanked him into the crowd. Once he got his bearings, he flashed a gold-plated grin. Later in the show, he’d leap back into the crowd on his own volition, doling out hugs in the middle of his verses.

2. He returned the favor at the end of his set, pulling fans up onstage. One woman — flanked by some of the biggest security dudes you’ve ever seen — got to wear his diamond-heavy chains and rap a verse or two. Take that, Paul Simon .

3. He took a break to lip-sync to Kelly Rowland’s “Motivation” — and not the Lil Wayne verse.

4. When fans screamed out their adulation, Plies didn’t just love them back. “I love you more than you love me,” he said.

5. During his opening set, local rapper Topdolla Sweizy practically stole the show, wearing nothing but sneakers, socks, a snap-back cap and a pair of teal boxer-briefs. And he’s a good rapper, too!