Russell Crowe: Swashbuckling star of screen and bar band rocker. (Stephen Vaughan/Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation and Universal Studios and Miramax Film Corp.)

Sometimes action heroes, usually of the bloated blockbuster variety, decide that they are rock stars at heart, and proceed accordingly. (Sometimes, in the case of Vin Diesel, they decide they are rap stars before they are action stars.) Albums are made. Videos are filmed. Concerts are booked. These musical detours usually don't go anywhere, and much some of the finished product, especially from the old-school action stars, sounds like it came from the worst bar band of 1991, though some of it is unexpectedly decent.

Apropos of absolutely nothing other than the fact that it's Friday, Click Track has assembled a list of the most prominent action stars turned rockers. We've left out anyone who was known for being a musician first (like Will Smith). Otherwise, it's open season.

Things to be thankful for:

1) The following content is 100% Eddie Murphy free.

2) Mel Gibson never joined a band. At least, that we know of.

Russell Crowe: He was (is?) in glorified Aussie bar band 30 Odd Foot of Grunts, who weren't (aren't?) the worst thing in the world, as the clip above will demonstrate:

Kevin Costner: Costner sings in Kevin Costner and Modern West, a country rock outfit that, like many of the projects listed here, is more successful in Europe.

(Eastwood, Willis and more, after the jump.)

Clint Eastwood: Eastwood is a jazz pianist and composer who has his own label and scores many of his own films. Naturally, they're awesome.

Bruce Willis: We will not let our lifelong, almost Biblical dislike of Willis stop us from admitting: His '87 album "The Return of Bruno," an R&B revival disc which featured actual members of the Temptations, may be the most successful action star/music star crossover we know of.

Ryan Gosling: Gosling plays and sings in the Arcade Fire-reminiscent Dead Man's Bone s , and while he's not technically an action hero yet, he's starring in the upcoming actioner "Drive," by Danish director Nicolas Refn (director of the truly freaky "Valhalla Rising") so he will be soon. In the meantime, this list isn't going to populate itself.

Steven Seagal: Seagal plays guitar and sings. His country-ish '05 debut disc,"Songs from the Crystal Cave," featured a collaboration with Stevie Wonder. Let that sink in for a moment: Stevie. Wonder. "Kevin Bacon, Keanu Reeves, Russell Crowe, Kevin Costner — they're not even in my universe," Seagal once reportedly told Guitar World Acoustic magazine. "You can't find another actor who can play guitar as good as me. It's the truth." Is he right? Possibly! Check out this mildly NSFW clip and decide for yourself. (And revisist J. Freedom du Lac’s 2006 profile on the man.)