Saturday marks two years without Michael Jackson. Since then, a posthumous concert film has been rushed into theaters, a posthumous album has been cobbled together and there are more more dubious legacy-tinkering projects in the works. (On the upside, there have been some killer dance parties, including tonight's tribute event at U Street Music Hall.)

At At Click Track, we've been thinking about Jackson's legacy and his dominance in the '80s. Instead of waiting for lost Jackson material to surface, we've been revisiting what's already out there — namely the albums he made with his brothers after he had already become a solo superstar. We all know "Thriller" and "Bad" inside and out. But should we know the Jacksons' "Triumph" from 1980 and "Victory" from 1984 just as well? "Walk Right Now" (above) suggests that maybe we should.

After the jump, four more righteous cuts from Michael Jackson's other '80s.

The Jacksons, “Can You Feel It”

The Jacksons, “Lovely One”

The Jacksons, “Torture”

The Jacksons with Mick Jagger, “State of Shock”