Thanks in part to Adele’s runaway smash “21,” album sales are up for the first time since 2004. (Kyle Gustafson/For The Washington Post)

- Speaking of sales, Beyonce predictably topped this week’s Billboard charts, moving 310,000 copies of her new album, “4.” It’s her worst sales debut, though. Fitting for her worst album.

- Hey, there’s more Wugazi .

- “This game 2 fake I quite (sic) rap after this year.” Say it ain’t so, Waka!

- Noel Gallagher announced details of two upcoming albums at a London press conference.

Clicky shuffle: Your random song for Thursday morning:

- The Raincoats, “Shouting Out Loud” (see them live at Comet Ping Pong on Sept. 17)