Welcome to Play favorites. Every Monday, Click Track asks an interesting Washingtonian about what they’re listening to. This week we spoke with Michel Martin, host of the NPR show Tell Me More, which focuses on the opinions, personal experiences and first takes on current events within Washington and beyond.  Martin’s show is almost as heavy on music as it is on its intriguing content. “My Tell Me More directors are my curators...they keep it spicy,” Martin says. “They pick the music for the program and give me stuff to listen to and then I fall I love with it and play it to the point where no one wants to ride with me in my car.” Her playlist follows...

Michel Martin, host of NPR's "Tell Me More." (Photo by Stephen Voss)

Kem,Share My Life

Melanie Fiona,Ay Yo

Eric Hutchinson, "Rock and Roll"

DJ Logic, “Michelle”  

Ana Tijoux, "1977

KT Tunstall,Fade Like a Shadow

Chuck Brown feat. DJ Kool,Block Party

Beyonce’,(Single Ladies) Put A Ring On It

Eric Hutchinson,OK, It’s Alright With Me

James Brown,Say It Loud (I’m Black and I’m Proud)

Kem,When I’m Loving You

Beyonce’,Move Your Body

Michel can be heard every weekday on NPR at 2 p.m. for those in the District, and you can listen to her show online at npr.org/programs/tell-me-more/.