That Dog — MVPs of the “120 Minutes” junior varsity team. (DGC Records)

You remember setting the VCR every Sunday at midnight for the one program that might actually air some good videos, right? The show ran from 1986 until 2003 but it was at its best during the alt-rock explosion of the mid-’90s. That’s when we tuned in to see memorable moments such as Thurston Moore interviewing Beck or live performances by the likes of PJ Harvey , Afghan Whigs and Pavement. But 120 minutes is a lot of minutes. There were many newly-signed, soon-to-be-forgotten bands that had videos that must be aired. We remember them, too.

So in honor of the show’s return this Sunday we present the best of the not-quite-the-best. It’s our “Hey — I remember this! I also remember this being better. But it’s still kind of cool: The “120 Minutes” Mid-’90s Playlist.”

That Dog, “He’s Kissing Christian”

Compulsion, “Delivery”

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Magnapop, “Slowly Slowly”

Madder Rose, “Car Song”

For Squirrels, “Mighty K.C.”

The Dambuilders, “Shrine”

Fuzzy, “Flashlight”

Hazel, “Comet”