The Arcade Fire returns with its first new material since its Grammy-winning album “The Suburbs.” (Kyle Gustafson/FTWP)

Arcade Fire: “Abraham’s Daughter”

On the leadoff song from “The Hunger Games” soundtrack, AF’s typically rococo indie rock is set to a spare, almost martial beat.

Willis Earl Beal: “Monotony”

More understated perfection from the buzzed-about acoustic blues singer, whose debut, “Acousmatic Sorcery,” drops next month.

Actress: “Actress Meets Shangaan Electro”

2010’s “Shangaan Electro” compiled some of the African dance sub-subgenre’s finest cuts. The new “Shangaan Shake,” from which British producer Actress’s souped-up, vaguely techno-minded track hails, feeds them into a dance-floor blender.

Gunplay: “Jump Out”

Gunplay was a Maybach Music also-ran who reinvigorated his career a few weeks back with a killer contribution to Kendrick Lamar’s “Cartoon & Cereal.” He seals the deal with this steroidal new banger.

Adam WarRock: “Downton”

We would have expected a “Downton” homage from the Lady Edith-like Laura Marling, or maybe from 50 Cent (whom we like to think is secretly a fan). But it turns out the best cure for Downton Withdrawal comes from nerd MC WarRock, who gets bonus points for his concise explanation of complicated British entail laws.