It’s not a new OutKast tune, but we’ll take it. Big Boi has teamed up with Matt and Kim.(Kyle Gustafson/FTWP)

Birdman featuring Lil Wayne, Mack Maine and T-Pain: “Get Money”

By now, hip-hop songs titled “Get Money” are a subspecies unto themselves, but few are livelier than Birdman’s latest, rounded out by one of Weezy’s sharpest post-prison features.

Boris: “Riot Sugar”

If Sonic Youth was a drone-y Japanese metal band it would be Boris, who is releasing two new discs on the same day next month. This thudding monster of a song, one of the grungiest and most accessible tracks on either offering, features backup from Ian Astbury.

Kingpen Slim: “Far Away (A Letter to My Homey)”

Slim gets thoughtful on this uncharacteristically meditative piano ballad.

Big Boi x Matt and Kim: “CameraBuggin”

The ever-malleable Big Boi — Is there anyone on the planet he doesn’t play nicely with? — melds seamlessly with the beloved Brooklyn outfit on this mash-up of “Shutterbug” and “Cameras.”

Alex Winston: “Sister Wife (Star Slinger remix)”

The Mancunian producer sends this adorable, Tegan-and-Sara-meet-the-Shirelles track to the chill-out tent.