Seattle rapper Grives impressed on his new single. (Photo by Griff J)

Calvin Harris featuring Kelis: “Bounce”

Hot Scottish producer plus up-for-anything "Milkshake" diva plus liberal use of 8-bit equals monster jam.

Thao & Mirah: “Love is a Battlefield” (Pat Benatar cover)

Benatar would eat both of them alive, but this twinkly, twee cover of her famously muscular hit is a charmer,anyway.

Eminem and Royce Da 5'9: “Fast Lane”

The former friends turned (possible) mortal enemies reach a detente on this jaw-dropper of a first single from their upcoming EP/exercise in Eminem cred enhancement, "Bad Meets Evil."

Grieves: “Bloody Poetry” (produced by Budo)

The Seattle rapper, a Rhymesayers signee and future breakout star, teams with his long-running producer for this great, horn-intensive new track.

Mike Watt with Eddie Vedder, Dave Grohl and Pat Smear: “Big Train”

It's a Superstar Summit Of Punk Rock Awesomeness when the former Minuteman teams with Vedder and two ex-Nirvana members last week in (of course) Seattle. The track is from Watt's woefully underrated '95 disc, “Ball-Hog or Tugboat?”