A weekly playlist for the listener with a one-track mind.

Meet THEESatisfaction. (David Belisle)

More sublime Southern rap with a double-time flow from Gucci’s sharp new Super Bowl-timed mixtape, “Trap Back.”

Rhye: “Open

Little is known about L.A. outfit Rhye, whose members have apparently taken a page from the Weeknd’s School Of Secretive Electro Pop Auteurdom. They’ve also borrowed the Weeknd’s “sad bedroom love songs that sound like they’re being sung underwater” template, to impressive effect.

Nicki Minaj: “Marilyn Monroe

The pop-ification of Minaj continues apace with this self-dramatizing, can’t-look-away new ballad, provenance unknown.


Jubilant space-age soul from the girl-girl duo, last seen raising a ruckus on Shabazz Palaces’ ”Black Up.”

Loma Prieta: “Fly By Night

For those who like their thrash with a side of more thrash comes this jaw-dropper from the San Francisco outfit’s latest disc, “I.V.”