Jennifer Lopez: "Invading My Mind"
J. Lo is hardly the first pop diva to go Gaga, but she may be the first to cut out the middleman: This infectious new track, probably from Lopez's perpetually upcoming "Love?," was co-written and produced by Gaga herself.

Foster the People: "Pumped Up Kicks (MNDR remix)"
Last summer's best chillwave jam gets a (very) slightly more downbeat, percussion-heavy remix.

XV and Pusha T: "Awesome (remix)"
XV and the suddenly everywhere Pusha T pay tribute to their own awesomeness, sometimes at great length, on this giddy, "Wayne's World"-referencing remix of XV's long-ago track.

Jamie Woon: "Lady Luck"
Think of Woon as the James Blake of earlier this month: He's smooth-voiced, ethereal and ineffably British, but, as this track from his upcoming “Mirrorwriting” demonstrates, places a greater emphasis on electro-soul than on dubstep.

Various Artists: Heidecker & Wood's 11 Favorite Yacht Rock Jams
We tend to be skeptical of any yacht rock roundup that doesn't include Christopher Cross, but this awesomely sleepy collection, collated by budding soft rock nostalgists/recording duo Heidecker & Wood, is otherwise frighteningly comprehensive.