Gaga — a little big country? (AP Photo/Evan Agostini.)

Burial: “NYC”
After burning up the Internets a few weeks back with his Thom Yorke/Four Tet collaboration, the mysterious U.K. dubstepper returns with a new 12”, “Street Halo,” which may or may not contain this subdued, ethereally beautiful track.

Little Dragon: “Nightlight”
The buzzy Swedes continue to mine a very specific vein of European retro-electro-R&B on this just-dropped track.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.: “Morning Thought”
The first single from the Detroit duo’s upcoming full-length debut, “It’s a Corporate World,” is electro-
infused psych pop at its most irresistible.

Porcelain Black featuring Lil Wayne: “This Is What Rock ‘n’ Roll Looks Like”
Ever wonder what it would sound like if Weezy collaborated with a girl-fronted version of Motley Crue circa “Dr. Feelgood”? Here’s your answer.