Santigold is naming names on her new single. (Lucian Perkins/FTWP)

Santigold: “Big Mouth”

The pugilistic diva returns with this clattering, frenetic slice of global pop from her upcoming album, her first in four years. The accompanying video features digs at Katy Perry, Lindsay Lohan, Lady Gaga and other mid-2011 targets.

Lower Dens: “Brains”

It’s not about zombies as we had originally hoped, but this woozy new track from the Baltimore collective, the pacesetter for its upcoming disc, “Nootropics,” is still pretty fantastic.

Alcest: “Là où Naissent les Couleurs Nouvelles”

This gentle, oddly pretty new track proves that black metal, like most things, sounds better in French.

Stalley: “Gentlemen’s Quarterly” (produced by Ski Beatz)

Maybach Music’s second most-bearded MC shimmies and glides his way through this super-smooth, late-night lounge number. In related news: “To Kanye” someone is an actual thing now.

Juliet: “My First Hardcore Song”

In which a terrifyingly self-assured 8-year-old named Juliet hugs her dog and moshes on a trampoline with her stuffed animals, all while singing/scowling her way through the most adorable hard-core song ever. Actually, the only adorable hard-core song ever.