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Super-special Comebacks We Love edition!

Nathan Williams wants to meet Dave Grohl. ( Kyle Gustafson/FTWP)

Nathan Williams fantasizes about meeting the Foo Fighters frontman (Although, why would that be hard? Couldn’t he just call him?) on this cut from the band’s September EP, “Life Sux.”

Neutral Milk Hotel: “Oh Sister”/“Ferris Wheel on Fire”

Reclusive frontman Jeff Mangum emerges from what we like to imagine is a somber and monastic existence to offer two previously unreleased tracks, from ’95 and ’93, respectively, from the coming NMH box set.

Ryan Adams: “Lucky Now”

The gentrification of Adams continues apace with this spectacular, stately new track.

Ben Folds Five: “House”

One of ’90s alt-rock’s last reunion holdouts, BF5 (who played a comeback show in ’08 but have otherwise remained steadfastly broken up) team up for a string-happy pop song, which will appear on Folds’s coming greatest hits set, with a group album to follow.

Pg. 99: “The Sobering Moment of One Single Violin”

The Sterling-based screamo band, which broke up in 2003 (several members went on to form Pygmy Lush) recently regrouped for a series of local shows, in part to celebrate the release of the rarities compilation “Singles,” from which this gut-buster of a track springs