Young Jeezy gets assists from Jay-Z and Andre 3000 on his new tune. (Kristian Dowling/Getty Images)

Young Jeezy featuring Jay-Z and Andre 3000: “I Do”

How old is this Jeezy track? Old enough to have been floating around in various forms for a year, at least. This newly finished version, an ode to fidelity featuring Hova rapping about babymaking and Andre 3K rapping about . . . something, was worth the wait.

The Evens: “Warble Factor”

Ian MacKaye, Fugazi’s once and possibly future frontman, re-teams with partner (and ex-Warmers member) Amy Farina for this sweet piece of bottom-heavy post-post-hardcore.

Cults featuring Freddie Gibbs: “Bad Things (Remix)”

It can’t have been easy, but Gibbs makes Cults seem even more mysterious (read: creepy) than usual on this remix, which features new verses from the rapper matched to what appear to be new Cults vocals.

First Aid Kit: “Emmylou” (live)

Sweden’s Soderberg sisters pay homage to country romances past on this beautiful live version of a likely track from “The Lion’s Roar,” already one of the most anticipated releases of next year.

Radiohead: “Everybody Knows / Girl (In the Purple Dress)” (demos)

These newly unearthed, circa ’86 demos were apparently recorded before Jonny Greenwood joined the band, back when they were called On a Friday, and had at least one saxophone player, for some reason