Toro y Moi's Chaz Bundick will make for a nice spring soundtrack. (Kyle Gustafson/FTWP)


Chris Richards: Wally Badarou’s “Hi Life” is my ultimate balmy afternoon jam. Badarou was a synth-pop maestro who once played in the house band at Compass Point, the legendary recording studio in Nassau, Bahamas founded by Chris Blackwell of Island Records. A constellation of pop stars have recorded heaps of hits there, but “Hi Life” might be the most carefree tune to ever breeze out of Compass Point. I would bet my lunch money that Chaz Bundick of Toro y Moi digs Badarou, too.

Allison Stewart: Mmm. Sweetgreen. Anyway, if this concert is taking place in fantasyland, I would say Adele, because I’m going through an Adele phase, and because at lunchtime you want something just chill enough but not too chill, or else you’re sleepy the rest of the day. If this concert is something that could actually happen, I’d love to see Black Joe Lewis. Because he seems awesome.

David Malitz: A month or so ago we saw Kurt Vile play a solo acoustic show at Red Onion Records. That’s the best way to appreciate the Philly troubadour (although his full band shows are mighty fine affairs as well) and the record store was a nice and cozy environment. But as Kurt was plucking his way through “Classic Rock in Spring” it dawned on me that it sure would be nice to listen to that song during the season that gives it its title, while wearing some sunglasses and feeling a nice breeze.