Sunday’s Sweetlife Festival is a perfect opportunity to understand what the Girl Talk fuss is all about. (Courtesy of the artist)

David Malitz: It's not that I'm a fan of Girl Talk, but if you were ever going to "get" what he's doing, Sweetlife is the place to make that happen. This will be an overwhelmingly young crowd, full of kids who will be going absolutely bonkers every 45 seconds when Greg Gillis drops a new track. The spectacle of thousands of teenagers losing their minds and trying to jump on stage should be enough to make Girl Talk's set one of the day's most memorable.

Allison Stewart: It's not the lineup of my dreams, so I'm going to go with Crystal Castles, because at least there's a chance they'll do something awful. They're (allegedly) prone to tantrum throwing, canceling shows, general unpleasantness and providing more beatdowns than a Baltimore McDonald's. If you go, bring a helmet.

Chris Richards: When I last saw Washington's U.S. Royalty perform, it was in a small rock club filled with a large and very talkative crowd. As the band unspooled tunes from its new album "Mirrors," the onlookers blah-blah-blahed.  Then, they played "Equestrian," the most rousing tune in their songbook, and the audience snapped to attention, "a-whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh"-ing along with frontman John Thornley like the band was playing Merriweather. It'll be interesting to see if the band has the same effect when they actually play Merriweather.