We want OutKast back — and we want them to bring their friends. (AP Photo/Jim Cooper)


Allison Stewart: I don’t think there’s a musician alive who has better, more enthusiastic, wider-ranging tastes than Elvis Costello. He loves everyone, has performed and collaborated with just about everyone, and could curate an unfussy rock, Americana and soul-based lineup that I picture being somewhat like New Orleans Jazz Fest, only more eccentric. There are drawbacks to this idea — Diana Krall would probably have to be there — but imagine the possibilities. If Costello wanted to include even the tiniest fraction of his collaborators over the years, Elvispalooza (Elvisstock? All Tomorrow’s Elvises?) might include the Royal Danish Opera, Fall Out Boy, Burt Bacharach, George Jones and Spinal Tap. Think this all sounds pie in the sky? Please. You know they would all come.

Chris Richards: I’ll one up you on the pie-in-the-sky factor, Allison. I want an OutKast reunion-slash-festival. There would be a super-group stage for Goodie Mob, the Wu-Tang Clan (who could forget Raekwon’s cameo on “Aquemini”?) and Parliament-Funkadelic (who could forget George Clinton’s cameo on “Aquemini”?). Across the field, there’d be an ATLiens stage for Janelle Monae, Joi, Sleepy Brown, even Scar . More pie: Sets from Big Boi’s beloved Kate Bush and his new buddy Terry Riley. If OutKast’s music taught us anything, it’s to dream big.

David Malitz: He just produced the very gorgeous new Thurston Moore album, “Demolished Thoughts.” He also produced the upcoming Stephen Malkmus album, “Mirror Traffic.” So how about a Beck-centric, 1995 Lollapalooza sorta-reunion? Let’s also add Charlotte Gainsbourg (Beck produced her 2010 stunner, “IRM”), a Beat Happening reunion (Beck’s 1994 album “One Foot in the Grave” came out on Johnson’s K Records and he contributed vocals as well) and because it’s a festival, the Flaming Lips are legally obligated to be there. (And they did serve as Beck’s backing band on his “Sea Change” tour.)