Ye and Jay, a match made in yawn. (Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images for VEVO)


David Malitz: I know it may sound ridiculous, (zing!), but I’m going with RZA. As long as we can change the rules a bit. RZA’s rapping-shouting on “So Appalled” made for one of the best moments on “MBDTF” but we all know he’s at his best on the other side of the studio glass. You could argue the same for Kanye, so the two of them crafting beats together for an entire album could take things to another level.

Allison Stewart: The last thing Ye needs is to work with another rapper. Too much posturing, too many rappers coming up against him and trying to prove they’re not intimidated by going over the top. I’d love to see him work with Justin Vernon from Bon Iver again. The disc wound up highlighting their collaborations way less than initial reports promised, which was disappointing. I’d love to see someone push Kanye in another direction besides biggerfastermore.

Chris Richards: Allison, you stole mine! I’ve been listening the first Bon Iver album slowed-down on my turntable recently and have been dreaming of Kanye-n-Justin in the studio, screwing-n-chopping a future masterpiece. Alas. Instead, I’ll cast my vote for Nicki Minaj. Her debut album was probably the biggest dissapointment of my 2010, not because she ventured into a lovey-dovey R&B zone, but because she ventured into a wack lovey-dovey R&B zone that felt stiff and uninventive. If “808s and Heartbreak” taught us anything, it’s that Kanye West knows how to make R&B sound vital.