Can’t make it to the beach? Beach Fossils are coming to the Kennedy Center. (Photo by Angel Ceballos)

Brooklyn guitar-strummers Beach Fossils are performing at the Kennedy Center Millenium Stage on Saturday night, which reminded us of two things: 1. The beach-themed band name meme is not going away. And 2. We still really like a lot of these groups, anyway.

For our weekly Taking sides post, Click Track’s contributors ranked our eight favorite artists with beachy monikers.

View our rankings after the jump and share yours in the comments.

Chris Richards:

1. Beach House

2. Best Coast

3. Frank Ocean

4. Wavves

5. Dirty Beaches

6. Surf City

7. Beach Fossils

8. Surfer Blood

Allison Stewart:

1. Beach House

2. Frank Ocean

3. Surfer Blood

4. Best Coast

5. Beach Fossils 

6. Surf City

7. Dirty Beaches 

8. Wavves 

David Malitz:

1. Dirty Beaches

2. Beach House

3. Surf City

4. Beach Fossils

5. Wavves

6. Best Coast

7. Frank Ocean

8. Surfer Blood