Best Coast fake tweet generator — surprisingly accurate! (Kyle Gustafson/FTWP)

Simple, yet oddly amusing. After spending a good 15 minutes (I swear, only 15 minutes) getting results for myself (example: “Mark E. Smith, the doorway out-blood on my street is Mike Miller grimaces after eating squid in spain” — sounds about right), I decided to plug some tweetin’ pop stars into the machine. Here are the first results for the 15 I picked.

- Kanye West

Yeezy taught me Nothing on You know Johnny Depp played guitar Dude from when you talk about the metal.

- Taylor Swift

Snowflakes are just love Paris. Oh, Italian fans.. I hope that about this of the theater number..

- Waka Flocka Flame

Gots 2 the scenes!!! Ball It LIVE! Hello world been flying all day off. They Co-Exist w/ no tell'en whats?

- Best Coast

Luvs it! My cat pictures are ELO and write a song right now my pajamas Red eye to this video ever: What?

- Brad Paisley

Yep. It was told today that depends on top chef?Boy was still affordable. You know I never take this now?

- Nicki Minaj

Think you've got the whole life every way! xoh! Xoxo > newspaper said where the pink hair extensions.

- Colin Meloy of the Decemberists

NYT blog: That's a wrap. This book. This is a rule, I wonder if your thing is the world than our way!

- Billy Corgan

New song, it's a movie! Nice to 'Black Diamond' by ... thefuturembrace is the beatles abbey road...

- Wale

Meek millz ha wolf grey is put up 45 w/ my G I didn't write back on 93.9 right now I'm in delaware tmrw?

- Justin Bieber

Little break from the people just don't have some people just wish they might win and the candles. lol.

- 50 Cent

Ok spank my # so cute Everything?

- Questlove of the Roots

Dear latenight staff on Take A segment where from The main movie i love with Eve Shame" new Beastie Boys.

- Lil B

Noooooooo - Lil B - Charlie SheenMUSIC VIDEOCOOKING MUSIC HIT!!!WOW HIT!!!!

- Katy Perry

Ur staple! ...funny the looks from the show with ! Tweet him, he's a red velvet cupcake!

- Tyler, The Creator of Odd Future
No One Knows What Up Frank Is So [Expletive] GOBLIN Is About Us. He Read My [Expletive]!!!

Only two expletives in fake Tyler tweet? ( Kyle Gustafson/FTWP)