View Photo Gallery: A new book gave Bruce Springsteen the chance to write his thoughts about three decades of tough times in our nation. The following are excepts of his foreword to “Someplace Like America,” by Washington Post photographer Michael Williamson and writer Dale Maharidge, both Pulitzer Prize winners.

- Look who has a byline in the Style section today! Oh, it’s just Bruce Springsteen! The Boss wrote the introduction for “Someplace Like America: Tales From the New Great Depression,” a new collaborative book by Columbia journalism professor Dale Maharidge and Post photographer Michael S. Williamson. Read some excerpts and view a gallery.

- Lana Del Rey has managed to become one of music’s most polarizing figures despite the fact that she only has, like, three songs and most people have no idea who she is. Those people will be able to get familiar when she is the musical guest on “Saturday Night Live” on Jan. 14.

- Common and Maya Angelou have settled their differences.

- Jon Bon Jovi: not dead.

Watch: LCD Soundsystem, “Live Alone” (Franz Ferdinand cover)