The List is here! Bye Adele. Hi Gary Clark Jr. (Adele photo: Joel Ryan/AP; Gary Clark Jr. photo: Bill O'Leary/TWP)

- Adele has been declared “out” on The List, but that hasn’t stopped her from selling gobs of music this year. Her album “21” has sold more than five million copies in 2011, the most units an artist has moved in a calendar year since Usher sold 7.9 million copies of “Confessions” back in 2004. And among other things, that reminds us that this song is still pretty great.

- Magic Johnson is calling on the hip-hop community to take a stand against homophobia and discrimination against those with HIV/AIDS. The retired NBA star asked rappers to join his efforts in a recent interview.

- An autopsy has revealed that the late Heavy D died of a blood clot. The rap legend died unexpectedly on Nov. 8.