Yes, people are still making videos. And some of them are pretty great, while others come frustratingly close.

For a countdown of the most interesting, the most watchable and the near-greatest clips of 2011, read on:

(Some language may be NSFW.)

10. Jay-Z and Kanye West, “Otis”

In which two of rap's most mirthless MCs try to look like they're carefree madcaps. It's strained and awkward, and the paycheck-cashing Spike Jonze is no help, but because it so perfectly encapsulates the blowhard, my-watch-is-more-expensive-than-yours awfulness of "Watch the Throne," it's actually kind of a public service.

9. Beyonce, “1+1”

As Beyonce videos go, this one is sort of a low achiever, but that's the point-only Beyonce could make four minutes of orgasmic hair tossing seem riveting. Imagine the wind machine budget on this one.

8. Kreayshawn, “Gucci Gucci”

She may look like the result of Forever 21 changing room accident between Ke$ha and Nicki Minaj, but this video made Kreayshawn a star, then a played-out meme, then a major label prospect, then a played-out meme again, all in the space of 3:11.

7. Friends, “I’m His Girl”

Such a great song! In a weird way, this is the naturalistic version of the "Gucci Gucci" video.

6. King Krule/Zoo Kid, “Out Getting Ribs”

The opposite of "Gucci Gucci," because absolutely nothing happened in this video, except British teen Archie Marshall, aka Zoo Kid aka King Krule, stood around looking sad. Also, there was a dog in it. Also, he looks like he could be the twin brother of Elly Jackson from La Roux. He's not, though.

5. Robyn, “Call Your Girlfriend”

The song itself should forever dispel the myth of Robyn as some sort of feminist heroine, but the video is bliss.

4. Lil Wayne, “6 Foot 7”

Raises more questions than it answers, like, why is this song so terrible? Couldn't Wayne have afforded a better suit? Still, it's the best "Inception" homage yet. At least, we think that's what we think it is.

3. Real Estate, “It’s Real”

Could someone make a great video that doesn't have a dog in it? Possibly! But why would you want to?

2. Lana Del Rey, “Video Games”

Del Rey's videos tend to mine the same territory (the sad girl, in gauzy slow motion), but this one does it best.

1. Battles, “My Machines”

The opposite of an OK Go video, when you think about it.