- Tickets to concerts might be getting more expensive. But don’t worry, that money won’t be going to scalpers - it will be going to Ticketmaster! The ticketing giant is rolling out “dynamic pricing,” which will let artists raise or lower the prices to reflect demand. This theoretically could thwart scalpers if the initial sale price of the most desired tickets is higher than usual; it could also lead to lower prices on less desired tickets. The new system may be tested on certain concerts this summer.

- Elton John is taking his show back to Las Vegas for three more years. His original five-year run at Caesar’s Palace ended in April 2009; the new show will begin in September.

- Did Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa have a backstage confrontation at Coachella because West changed some lyrics to his song “Stronger” to play as a dig at his former girlfriend (and current Wiz squeeze) Amber Rose? Would that be the single most pathetic fight ever if it went down?

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- Nick Lowe, “Tonight”