Dr. Conrad Murray’s manslaughter trial continues this week in L.A.(Reuters/Al Seib)

- Rihanna angered an Irish farmer by getting a little explicit in his grain field. Not a double entendre, just the facts. The pop star is filming a new video in Ireland, but the farmer who allowed her to shoot said video on his farm kicked her and the crew out once he saw her running around topless.

- Bob Dylan has an exhibition of paintings and other art work that just opened at New York’s Gagosian Gallery. And a bunch of them seem to be blatant ripoffs of old photographs.

- Recent Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees the Cure will perform not one, not two, but three complete albums in their entirety at three shows in New York in November. Those would be the band’s first three albums, “Three Imaginary Boys,” “Seventeen Seconds” and “Faith.”

Clicky shuffle: Your random song for Wednesday morning:

- Escort, “All Through the Night”