Strange beef: Wale has been trading tweets with the reputed ex of Osama bin Laden. (Josh Sisk/For the Washington Post)

Lady Gaga is expected to have the top-selling album in America this week – but she won’t go platinum. Her label is projecting sales in 800,000-850,000 range.

 - When the Grammys announce that they’ll be presenting a slimmer, more svelte awards show in 2012 by nixing 30 categories, that’s a good thing right? Not so, says a coalition of musicians who are protesting the cut. They say the reduction in awards will exclude music made by minorities, calling it a “subtle form of racism.”

- Over on the Post’s The State of Nova blog, Tom Jackman has a report on Jiffy Lube Live’s tailgate ban, traffic woes and disgruntled fans.