Dirty Beaches’ debut album is well worth your while. (Zoo Records.)

If you listen to one new album this week, make it: “Badlands,” the new disc from Montreal noise-maker , Suicide-student and all around well-dressed guy, Alex Zhang Hungtai, a.k.a. Dirty Beaches. David Malitz has the full album review here on Click Track tomorrow.

If you go to one concert this week, make it: California duo Los Rakas, who open for Collie Buddz at the Recher Theater on Saturday. One listen to their resplendent “Abrazame,” and the thought of schlepping all the way up to Towson doesn’t sound that bad.

And if you stay up late to watch one act on television, make it: A visit to YouTube instead, where someone has posted this awesome ’80s BBC documentary about Washington go-go. Watch all four parts below...