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Sandy leads colleges to bump Nov. 1 application deadlines

When Halloween nears each year, many high school seniors are racing to meet the first crucial date in the college-app calendar: the Nov. 1 early application deadline.

Add to that stress the onslaught of a massive storm that is clobbering the Eastern Seaboard as I write this, with widespread power outages expected all week.

On Monday, many colleges were telling students not to worry. Their message: Relax, ride out the storm, stay safe, and we’ll cut you some slack.

I have a story going online shortly that reports on the deadline extension movement. Read on for more detail on which colleges are offering a grace period.

Here’s what I gather on deadline extensions from a few local and national schools. I’ll try to update this when I get more.

Early action (meaning those programs in which a student is offered admission early but can still shop around):

University of Virginia: Sunday Nov. 4

Georgetown: Monday Nov. 5 for those in storm-affected areas

Harvard: Flexible, for those affected.

Yale: Nov. 5

Princeton: Flexible, for those affected

Stanford: Nov. 5, for those affected.

McDaniel: Nov. 9


Early decision (meaning that a student must commit to enrolling if offered admission):

Washington and Lee: Flexible on the deadline

Johns Hopkins: Flexible, but firm deadline to be set.

Cornell: Nov. 5

Brown: Nov. 7

Columbia: Nov. 5

William & Mary: Nov. 5

Duke: Nov. 4


Priority application deadline (meaning that the applicant can get priority in admission and in access to certain merit-aid scholarships):

U-Md. College Park: Flexible, but firm deadline to be set.

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