Census Bureau data released last week reaffirm Washington’s status as the best-educated metropolis -- first among the 50 largest metropolitan areas -- for its share of adults who hold at least a bachelor’s degree.

Workers in Silicon Valley, the nation’s second-best-educated metropolitan area, after you-know-where. (AP / Noah Berger )

President Obama has set a national goal of regaining the world lead in college attainment by 2020. Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum mocked that goal in a speech the other day, calling Obama a “snob”. (For the record: Both men finished college. And law school.)

Here is the complete Top 10:

1. Washington metro area, 46.8% bachelor’s attainment

2. San Jose metro area, 45.3%

3. San Francisco, 43.4%

4. Boston, 43%

5. Raleigh, N.C., 41%

6. Austin, Tex., 39.4%

7. Denver, 38.2%

8. Minneapolis, 37.9%

9. Seattle, 37%

10. New York, 36%

And the least-educated metro areas? Riverside, Calif., followed by Las Vegas.