THE GREEN MONKEY has decided to climb even higher up the Kickstarter tree.

Virginia-based cartoonist Steve Conley announced last month that his space primate was ready to make one giant leap to a new oversized, hardcover book. And that Kickstarter was just the place for his webcomic “Bloop” to find its book backing.

With more than a week to go, the “Bloop” campaign has raised more than $4,400 — considerably shooting past its initial $3,000 goal.

Today, Conley announced he’s added two artists — Jerry Ordway and Scott Christian Sava — to the lineup for his Kickstarter-exclusive jam poster print. That’s on the heels of yesterday, when Conley unveiled that 20 friends will participate in his poster jam, including Frank Cho, Dean Haspiel and Graham Nolan.

(If the “Bloop” campaign reaches $6,000, every donor who gives at least $20 will receive a print of that poster. And if the project reaches $11,000, there’s a softcover book in the offing.)

Conley — an Eisner and Harvey award nominee who is scheduled to appear at this weekend’s Baltimore Comic Con — says crowd-funding is crucial for free webcomics like his.

“Kickstarter and crowd-funding sites like it open up a whole new world to independent creators — especially cartoonists,” Conley tells Comic Riffs. “With the contraction of the bookstore and comic-shop markets, it’s become increasingly difficult to have printed comics make financial sense.

“Improvements in printing and Kickstarter can now let cartoonists bring their creations to reality — and while we, just like our readers, get most of our entertainment online, we like to have a real book in our hands.”

“Bloop,” of course, is not without its own opinions about economics. The titular space monkey makes “friends and finds that not only his tree, but the entire planet, is threatened by a corporation bent on tearing the world apart,” Conley writes.

As for Bloop’s transition from pixel to page, Conley tells Comic Riffs that the full-cover crowd-funded book “should put any PC or tablet screen to shame.”


. (courtesy of STEVE CONLEY /.)