MOST OF THE nation’s political cartoonists know that deadlines are appearing rapidly on the horizon line for the professional community’s 2013 shindig. Thursday’s the hotel registration deadline for the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists’ big get-together, and June 19 is the last day that members can register for the annual convention.

The event, however — which will held June 27-29 in Salt Lake City — holds some great offerings for the general public, too.

Pulitzer-winning political animator Mark Fiore, for example, will moderate a crowdfunding-for-cartoonists panel titled, “Kickstarter Nation: Get Your Cartoony [Bleep] Into Money-Making Gear!” And Daily Cartoonist blogger Alan Gardner will moderate the panel “Successful Cartooning in the Digital World.”

Elsewhere, the featured speakers will include Fiona Deans Halloran, author of the recent biography “Thomas Nast: The Father of Modern Political Cartoons”; journalist Victor Navasky (The Nation, New York Times Magazine), discussing “The Art of Controversy: Political Cartoons and Their Enduring Power”; and author/illustrator Mark Pett (“Lucky Cow”), hosting the children’s art workshop “Creating Your Own Picture Book.”

Navasky will also appear with Brigham Young University’s Daniel Peterson (professor of Islamic and Arabic studies) on the panel “Satire and the Sacred: From Mohammed to Mormon Underwear.” That event will be moderated by convention host Pat Bagley, editorial cartoonist for the Salt Lake Tribune.

(By PAT BAGLEY / Courtesy of the AAEC/.)

Also open to the public: “Magical Mystery Tour With Jann Haworth,” the pop artist who designed the album cover for the Beatles’ “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”; a “Cartoons & Cocktails” rub-shoulders-and-bent-elbows-with-the-pros benefit; and the cartooning version of Adrian Todd Zuniga’s famed Literary Death Match, which was such a hit at last year’s AAEC convention in D.C.

And in a special event for members, the legendary Pat Oliphant will be honored.

To see the full lineup, you can check out the AAEC website.