“THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN” is now officially on track not to embarrass itself.

That was not a given, as some industry observers wondered whether the fourth Spidey film — and the second Peter Parker origin story in a decade — would become box-office road kill in a superhero-saturated season. “The Avengers” has grossed more than a billion dollars globally, and “The Dark Knight Rises” (opening July 20) threatens to do the same.

The good news for Sony’s latest “Spider-Man” (which opened Tuesday) is that the film grossed $7.5-million from midnight screenings — roughly matching the total that 2007’s “Spider-Man 3” took in en route to a $151-million opening weekend.

The caveats, of course: “Amazing Spider-Man” benefits from some jacked-up IMAX and 3-D ticket prices, and five years later, midnight showings have only grown as a big draw.

“The Amazing Spider-Man” — which has already grossed more than $50-million overseas — is now projected to gross as much as $120-million for its first six days.

Hardly a monster take, comparatively, for a superhero.

But no embarrassment, either.

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Andrew Garfield is positioned from a second Spidey film if "The Amazing Spider-Man” continues to perform well at the box office. (Columbia Pictures/JAIMIE TRUEBLOOD)