Now that Rep. Anthony Weiner has ‘fessed up today about his pervy form of social “networking,” Comic Riffs can say with certitude that editorial cartoonists are having a field day with the congressman’s underpants-flashing shenanigans.

Sure, the target might be like shooting kingfish in a barrel, but some satirists are hitting their marks with especial flair.

The blowdarts range from racy animations — the Taiwanese-based artists at Next Media Animation have fun with the congressman’s surname — to less-frontal approaches to the matter.

Here are some of the most eye-catching we’ve seen so far.

Nate Beeler pulls off a twin news-story mashup:

. (NATE BEELER/Washington Examiner / courtesy of

. (MIKE LUCKOVICH/Atlanta Journal Constitution)


(STEVE BREEN/San Diego Union-Tribune)


(MICHAEL RAMIREZ/Investors Business Daily)

. .

Adam Zyglis follows the links:

(ADAM ZYGLIS/Buffalo News)