Prominent April Fools’ Day pranks span the Interwebs today — from YouTube turning back the time machine for its Top 5 Viral Pictures from 1911 to Google’s home-page sporting a search link to its “new!” Gmail Motion Beta service that you can “control with your body” (and if you type “Helvetica” into the search bar, Google playfully switches its font into Comic Sans).

One of our favorites, though, is the work of the animators at Taiwan-based Next Media Animation, who say they have struck a deal with the folks at Disney/Pixar to make a sudden late-2011 film: “Toy Story 4: Don’t Toy With Me.”

According to NMA’s “press release,” “Walt Disney Company (NYSE:DIS)” is touting the appointment of the animation house — given its lightning-fast turnaround time — to “produce the next installment of the Toy Story franchise.”

NMA quotes a Disney “development executive” who explains the deal: “The original Toy Story was released in 1995 and many of our fans are now in their mid- to late 20s. This new installment re-boots the franchise and gives our now older fans a Toy Story they can relate to.”

And what a dark reboot it is. Good ol’ Andy, now a college dropout who’s fallen on hard times (and who is beginning to resemble the franchise’s greedy collectibles dealer), calls upon the enduring friendshp of Woody and Buzz to help him out financially.

Oh, and one warning, kids: There will be blood.

Here it is,fresh from the deliciously bent minds of NMA: “Toy Story 4: Don’t Toy With Me.”