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WITH THE AROMA OF CURED HAM AND TURDUCKEN nearly here, Comic Riffs today continues its call for your “Best of 2011” nominations.

Last week, we asked you for your nominees for Best Webcomic of the year. Nearly a thousand nominated titles later, many readers are clearly passionate about their online cartoons.

So next we turn our attention to Best Comic Strip of ‘11.

It’s been a notable year for print strips for a slew of reasons, among them:

In late spring, “Cul de Sac” Richard Thompson received one of the industry’s “Oscars,” as the National Cartoonists Society handed him its Reuben “Cartoonist of the Year” Award.

New “Pearls Before Swine” collection. (STEPHAN PASTIS / Andrews McMeel)

And in the fall, Stephan Pastis’s latest “Pearls Before Swine” collection, “Larry in Wonderland,” cracked the New York Times bestseller list — no small feat for a print strip in 2011. (This, just months after Pastis was a Reuben finalist.)

So now it’s your turn to take the mike. What are your nominations for your Favorite Print Comic Strips of 2011? Feel free to e-mail them to comicriffs@washpost.com or share them in the Comments field below.

Based on your nominations, Comic Riffs will cull the finalists through December and conduct reader polls in January in the various comics categories.

So now, without further to-do, the floor is yours...

BEST WEBCOMICS OF 2011: An Open Call for Your Nominations


Garry Trudeau got — and then offered — a sneak-peek of Joe McGinniss’s controversial Sarah Palin bio. (GARRY TRUDEAU/Doonesbury / Universal Uclick)