(Fabio Moon & Gabriel Ba / DC VERTIGO)

FOR COMIC FANS who relish a visual feast, 2011 has been a year with all the fixin’s.

DC seized the spotlight — and spawned countless comment threads and speculation — as it issued its big “New 52” lineup of rebooted titles.

Marvel grabbed headlines, too, such as when it introduced a new, biracial webslinger or extinguished the Human Torch. (There were also audio treats, as Marvel announced a new Daredevil audiobook with visually impaired fans in mind.)

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In recent days, Comic Riffs has opened the nominations for Best Comic Strips and Best Webcomics of the Year. Today, we turn to our next category to ask: What are your favorite comic books and graphic narratives of 2011?

Feel free to e-mail them to comicriffs@washpost.com or share them in the Comments field below.

Based on your nominations, Comic Riffs will cull the finalists through December and conduct reader polls in January in the various comics categories.

So now, without further to-do, the floor is yours...