AT LEAST PROFESSIONALLY, the stoutest requesters of “the Sequester” may well be the nation’s cartoonists. An ever-so-rare papal farewell might be a humorist’s temporary blessing, but the Washington showdown, so far, is a gift that keeps on giving.

Whether they line up on the side of Obama or the GOP, or take shots at Congress and the White House as one big collective target of lapsed competence, American editorial cartoonists are staking clear and present positions. Which makes culling through the cartoon fodder that much more fun.

So here, several days in, are 10 of the Most Striking Sequestration Cartoons so far. And all the usual caveat language applies: Featuring a cartoon here is not an endorsement of its political position or views — blah blah blah — but rather is meant to endorse its creative and technical execution.

So without further ado, here are “The Sequest 10”:





. (ROB ROGERS / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette /.)

. (SIGNE WILKINSON / Philadelphia Daily News /.)

. (TOM TOLES / The Washington Post /.)


. (JIM MORIN / Miami Herald /.)

. (GARY VARVEL / Indianapolis Star /.)

. (MICHAEL RAMIREZ / Investors Business Daily /. )

. (MIKE LUCKOVICH / Atlanta Journal Constitution /.)

. (NATE BEELER / Columbus Dispatch /.)

. (CLAY BENNETT / Chattanooga Times Free Press /.)