THE RESULTS are — finally! — in.

Comic Riffs spent weeks bobbing through the deluge of titles (picture ”Fantasia,” only with awesome hyperlinks) after we put out a call for nominations for your favorite webcomics.

In high volume came forth the hard-boiled shamen and the girls with slingshots. And flooding in swam the treacherous Oatmeal-lapping dolphins. And hark — sometimes leading the swell was a Vagrant with a Napoleonic complex.

Today, having waded through the waist-high “Black Snow”-banks, Comic Riffs presents the Top-20 finalists as picked by you.

As Super Tuesday subsides, Webcomic Wednesday begins and ‘Riffs opens the ballot box — you can pick your single favorite webcomic. (The voting booth will stay open till March 30 at midnight.)

Let the polling begin:

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Black Snow: Two Drink Minimum

Cyanide and Happiness

Dresden Codak

Girl Genius

Girls With Slingshots


Hark! A Vagrant


Least I Could Do

Muktuk Wolfsbreath, Hard-Boiled Shaman

The Oatmeal

Penny Arcade

Questionable Content

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

Schlock Mercenary

Something Positive

Wapsi Square