. (courtesy of Mike Krahulik, Scott Kurtz & Jerry Holkins/“THE TRENCHES”)

YES, IT’S THAT TIME. With the soothing scents of Thanksgiving nearly here, Comic Riffs pauses to reflect on the comics comfort food that has sustained us all year.

. (Kate Beaton/Fantagraphics)

. (couresy of MATTHEW INMAN/The Oatmeal)

So now we turn the stage over to you to ask: What are your nominations for your Favorite Webcomics of 2011? Feel free to e-mail them to comicriffs@washpost.com or share them in the Comments field below.

Based on your nominations, Comic Riffs will cull the finalists through December, then conduct reader polls in January in the various comics categories.

So now, without further to-do, the floor is yours...