The good folks over at Bleeding Cool teased us yesterday with the prospect of one character’s murky return in the new Brightest Day. Today, DC formally announces the news.

To discover the spoiler, click through to the jump below.

The Swamp Thing returns to the DCU. (Brightest Day /DC Comics)

The Swamp Thing, of course, is walking vegetation with so many incarnations. We foolishly believed that it was scientist Alec Holland who turned plant elemental — that the scaly creature was a plant/human hybrid — until Alan Moore enlightened us in the ’80s about origins rooted in the ancient Parliament of Trees.

Writes DC’s David Hyde: “It is this same Parliament of Trees that The Elementals must now protect in Brightest Day.”

The bayou beast has been a verdant Vertigo-imprint creature since 1997, when he exited DCU proper. He debuted in 1971 in House of Secrets (No. 92) by writer Len Wien and that horror artist of renown, Berni Wrightson.