AS SEVERAL CARTOONISTS have told Comic Riffs today, it would never even occur to them to draw during brain surgery.

But then, the genius creativity in Richard Thompson ’s brain doesn’t work quite like anyone else’s.

The “Cul de Sac” creator had deep-brain surgery Friday as treatment for his Parkinson’s disease, which was diagnosed several years ago and which Thompson, 55, announced in 2009.

And during the surgery, report family and friends, Thompson decided to do what comes naturally: Draw.

The wonderful result is a cartoon of Thompson’s brain — noted as “not to scale” — with a dialogue balloon overhead that says, “Whee!”

On a number of levels, Comic Riffs finds this fairly amazing — and entirely in character.

Thompson, a Washington area native who began drawing for The Post in the ‘90s, ended his Universal Uclick strip “Cul de Sac” last month, after garnering Reuben, Harvey and Ignatz awards for his work.

Thompson’s Team Cul de Sac charity, which produced a book and held an auction this year, works with the Michael J. Fox Foundation to raise funds for Parkinson’s research.

Courtesy of Team Cul de Sac, here is Comic Riffs’ Cartoon of the Day:


“WHEE!”: Richard Thompson’s latest work — drawn during his brain surgery. (courtesy of the Thompsons & Team Cul de Sac /.)

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