A fan can follow San Diego Comic-Con in amazing detail simply by tracking the Twitter traffic. Wherever you are, the action is just a #SDCC hashtag away.

So with the circus having left town and the city sleeping off the geek binge, here is Comic-Con 2011 as recapped rapidly, from the five-day fest where the characters — unlike on Twitter — were countless:

10. “I have arrived @Comic_Con. The air is thick with the smell of Cheetos and celibacy.”

@Conan O’Brien ..


9. “anyone find a black Nikon coolpix camera with a lot of Twilight pix?”



8. “Brave marines Matt Curry and Josh Rogers stop by to visit their Generalissimo http://say.ly/FzHwsO .”



7. “Comic-Con staffers still aghast that ‘True Blood’ fans got kicked out of seats to make way for late-arriving entourage types.”



6. “As last act up in Hall H, I always fear seeing empty seats. Thanks for filling ‘em for me every year, Hall-Rats. I seriously love you all.”



5. “23 people received Comic-Con Inkpot Awards at this year’s show. Find out who! bit.ly/r2PMQS



4. “Reports of the death of Comic Con have been greatly exaggerated.”



3. “For those who didn’t want #SDCC to end: there’s a reason why every day isn’t Christmas.”

. — @SD_Comic_Con

2. “Sleep of the damned. I woke w/o realizing I was asleep. Back on feet. Finish line ahead!”

— DC Comics’s @jimlee00 .


1. “Was it all a dream? yfrog.com/gzjy7rej