BILL CLINTON DIDN’T just soak up the camera lights at this week’s Democratic National Convention in Charlotte. He also was at center stage in many of the cartoons coming out of Charlotte.

When conventiongoers chanted “Four more years!” as the former president spoke Wednesday, many of my fellow American cartoonists noted the uncannily comical juxtaposition — commenting that Clinton looked ready to serve another term, amendent or no amendent.

It doesn’t hurt, either, than among numerous veteran cartoonists, the muscle memory for caricaturing good ol’ Bill is obviously intact and readily tapped.

So without ado, to-do or Clintonian time overruns, here are Comic Riffs’ 7 Eye-Catching DNC Cartoons for the Week:


. (NATE BEELER / Columbus Dispatch /.)

(SIGNE WILKINSON / Philadelphia Daily News /.)

. (MICHAEL RAMIREZ / Investors Business Daily /.)


. (MIKE LUCKOVICH / Atlanta Journal Constitution /.)

. (WALT HANDELSMAN / Newsday /.)

. (NICK ANDERSON / Houston Chronicle / WPWG /.)

. (JIM MORIN / Miami Herald /.)