As much as any of the summer’s superhero films that are its competition, “Cowboys & Aliens” holds great popcorn-movie promise. To wit:

1. Based on a fun graphic novel (created by Scott Mitchell Rosenberg)? Check.

2. A director such as “Iron Man’s” Jon Favreau who can ratchet up the action and splice it with cheeky-but-not-cheesy dialogue? Roger that.

3. A lead like Daniel Craig who has enough acting craft that he isn’t completely overwhelmed and lost in a sea of green-screen effects? Copy that.

Tonight, Universal Pictures released its first full trailer for the sci-fi western “Cowboys & Aliens” — set in the 1870s Arizona town of Absolution — and though Comic Riffs is still optimistic, the trailer doesn’t exactly goose our excitement to the degree that the most recent “Captain America” trailer did.

That said, we’re confident the film proper will fairly deliver.

“Cowboys & Aliens” is due out July 29. Riding high on hope, we’ll continue to watch the horizon line for encouraging signs: