MICHAEL JANTZE had an idea for a graphic novel more than a quarter-century ago.

Now, backed by a crowdfunded Indiegogo campaign, the cartoonist will finally be able to publish that work.

‘THE NORM’: A page in progress. (courtesy of MICHAEL JANTZE 2013/.)

You might know Jantze best as creator of the syndicated comic “The Norm.” The California-based writer/artist has just hit his $7,500 funding goal — which means he can afford to publish his “Norm” story, titled ”Knocked Out Loaded (KOL),” as a print and digital book.

With about two weeks to go, Jantze has added “stretch goals” — including a $14,000 target that would enable him to launch “The Norm” as a montly color comic.

“This book is something I started in 1987, and then again in 2006,” Jantze tells Comic Riffs. “It's just something I had to get done. It's a great story about a person [Norm] who walks away from his cares, and drives the world nuts around him. ...

“What happens when you forget to be you? Mostly, everyone doesn't want a new you.”

The cover of Michael Janzte’s crowdfunded graphic novel, which he says is “about 80 percent” complete. (courtesy of MICHAEL JANTZE 2013 /.)

Jantze, who just left his position teaching comic art/animation at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), says he’s entering a new creative phase of his career.

“I do plan to restart a weekly cartoon — if it's ‘The Norm’ or another strip, that I'm not sure about yet,” Jantze tells ‘Riffs. “But teaching at SCAD taught me so much about what I believe cartooning should be.

“Will Eisner said his years of teaching at SVA [New York’s School of Visual Arts] did the same for him. I hope to be a better writer in the years to come.”

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