THE RANGE OF fanboy reaction to DC Comics “New 52” has been wide and varied, but there’s at least one thing most readers seem to agree on:

“Night of the Owls” — the storyline by Scott Snyder that kicked off Batman’s relaunch in the title book bearing the Dark Knight’s name — was one of the year’s best.

Not since Bane in “Knightfall” has a newly introduced villain had such an impact on Batman. And give DC Comics and Snyder credit: Creating a new Bat-villain that debuts with such relevance is no easy task — especially given Batman’s ever-rich rogues’ gallery. DC went in a new direction with the debut of stellar characters, and the Talons from “Night of the Owls” left a deep mark on Gotham.

Now, a light rises from the shadows of Batman’s formidable foe: DC is set to debut “Talon,” a series that continues directly from the “Night of Owls” arc and that stars Calvin Rose, a former Talon in the Court of Owls who returns to Gotham City looking for freedom.

It’s not too often that new characters produce a Big-2 spinoff series so quickly, but judging by the success of Court of Owls, the Talon could live long in DC’s universe.

Here’s a first look:



A first look from "Talon #1." (./DC COMICS)

A first look at a variant cover from "Talon #1." (./DC COMICS)