And now we wait for Denver Post comics fans to react. E-mails, phone calls...something.

Otherwise, it doesn’t bode well that the Colorado paper can cut 13 comics and not be inundated with passionate backlash.

According to Westword , the Post has just made such head-turning cuts as “Doonesbury” and demoted “Peanuts” to Sunday-only status.

The other axed strips reportedly are: “Bizarro,” “Brevity,” “Dustin,” “F-Minus,” “Frazz,” “Heart of the City,” “The Knight Life,” “Non Sequitur,” “Overboard,” “Rhymes with Orange” and “Scary Gary.”

What naturally gives rise to the question: What the heck survived?

The strips that live on to hang on another day reportedly include: “Beetle Bailey,” Blondie,” “Dennis the Menace,” “The Family Circus,” “Garfield” and “Marmaduke.” It’s worth noting: Except for “Garfield,” all those strips are at least a half-century old.

Editor Greg Moore said the Post’s budget had been “cut by 4 percent” as the feature and sports sections were being shrunk, Westword reported last week.