DYNAMIC DOINGS: Lenny “Batman” Robinson dons the mask as he visit s area hospitals and hands out Batman paraphernalia to sick children. (Jonathan Newton / The Washington Post)

“THE DARK KNIGHT RISES,” with Christian Bale’s final bow in the cowl, may win the summer at the box office. But for heart and goodwill and charity, it’ll have an impossible time topping the volunteer performances of Lenny “Batman” Robinson.

Last week, Robinson made headlines when he was pictured getting pulled over along Maryland’s Route 29. In costume. Next to his black Lamborghini.

Today, The Post’s Mike Rosenwald unmasks the Batman, who turns out to be a veritable white knight when it comes to making charitable appearances at such places as children’s cancer wards. Robinson has been visiting Baltimore-area hospitals as the Caped Crusader — sometimes with his own son as Robin — for more than a decade. (That’s right: Not far from where great Batman writer-artist Frank Miller was born.)

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Now, beyond making monologue jokes about the Dark Lambo Knight, Jimmy Fallon — or Stephen Colbert (seeing past his Marvel love) — should really invite Robinson on as a guest...