Frank Cho, last year in Paris. (Marta Nascimento/REA)

Havring recently regained all rights to “Liberty Meadows,” creator Frank Cho says he’s at work on a new collection.

“Yes, Liberty Meadows is alive and well,” Cho writes on his site, Apes and Babes. “I’ve been quietly working on it since I got my rights back from Sony. Issue 38 will hopefully come out end of this year.”

In his post, the University of Maryland alum recounts his multi-year battles with Sony over whether an animated “Liberty Meadows” project should be more risque or less risque. He writes, too, that the strip’s rights have reverted to him due to an “inactivity” clause.

Cho ended syndication of “Liberty Meadows” a decade ago, citing in part his ”censorship” fatigue and frustration.

“Will I turn Liberty Meadows into a movie or a TV show?” writes the Beltsville-based comic artist. ”Sure, if the right offer comes along. However until that offer comes, I’m going to enjoy writing and drawing the next misadventures of Brandy and crew at Liberty Meadows with no suits looking over my shoulder telling me which market I should target.”

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[h/t: Daily Cartoonist]